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Do you ever feel irritated at the slightest thing and feel guilty afterwards? Have trouble falling asleep due to racing thoughts or have sudden gripping fear for no apparent reason? This could be caused by built-up anxiety and stress, which can be detrimental to health long-term and lead to burnout. Burnout causes emotional and physical exhaustion resulting in a lack of motivation, whether that be work or even spending time with friends and family.

A lot of the work we do with our clients is to put a plan in place so that they can better manage their stress and anxiety and avoid burnout. The first step of this plan is to help you recognize the signs of anxiety and stress. The second step involves strategies you can use both short term and long term to decrease the burden of stress and anxiety in your life. Here’s a layout of what to expect in our e-book:

  • Recognizing anxiety vs. panic vs. stress

  • Short term coping strategies: breathing exercises, distraction techniques and positive self-statements 

  • Long term coping strategies: diet, supplements, exercise, sleep and mindfulness

This e-book was born out of what we saw was a need for easily implementable strategies people can use for their stress and anxiety especially during trying times. Through our own personal experiences, and those of our clients, in addition to our medical training, we've developed a set of coping techniques to improve not only your mental but also physical health. We know this because these tips and tricks have also helped us.


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