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Focused on Health                
2300 Yonge Street, Suite 2004 Toronto ONT M4P 1E4

Tel.: 416-901-2141


Tuesday 12-8pm

Wednesday 8am-8pm

Saturday 12:30-6:30pm

Liberty Clinic                         
600 Sherbourne Street, Suite 315 Toronto ONT M4X 1W4

Tel.: 416-591-1123


Monday 12-8pm

Friday 8-5pm


Offering in-person clinic visits and phone consults

Naturopathic clinic visits are HST exempt

Visit fees are often covered under extended health plans. Call your service provider to learn more.

Initial 1 hour 15 min visit: $250

1 hour follow-up: $160

45 minute follow-up: $135

30 minute follow-up: $100

Facial rejuvenation acupuncture:

Initial: $190

Subsequent: $100

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