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My interest in getting to the root cause of disease and a holistic approach to solving health problems led me to pursue a career as a Naturopathic Doctor after my Master of Science.

During this earlier stage of my education, I had the opportunity to carry out research in a laboratory that studies the human microbiome – all the microorganisms living on and in us that influence everything from our moods to a host of other conditions such as obesity and diabetes to inflammatory bowel disease.

My research background including work during my master’s and summer projects at the MaRS Center and SickKids Hospital in Toronto on a variety of health issues, influences my practice today by helping me develop evidence-based naturopathic treatment plans that are individualized. 

What Sets My Services Apart

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Extensive research on diagnosis and treatment

I will be an investigator of your concerns through relevant questions and physical exams to obtain a comprehensive and holistic picture of your health. With this information, diagnoses and treatments can be researched and individualized to meet all your needs and expectations.

Emphasis on education and communication

Obtaining medical histories and conveying diagnoses and treatment options can only go as far as the open communication between Naturopathic Doctor and patient, which is needed for effective healthcare delivery. My goal is to support you by providing all the necessary information you need to make decisions on your health.

Policy of acceptance

I welcome and respect all patients and look forward to the opportunity of providing optimal care for any concern.


I will be present to answer any and all questions you have and help guide you through the health challenges you may be facing.


It takes a dedicated team behind each individual’s health and I aim to work with your other providers. The Naturopathic Doctor and patient relationship should also be collaborative so that you achieve the best outcome.

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